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ACAF® Systems Inc.-PFS Fire Suppression Group, LLC. is the leading manufacturer of FM Approved, compressed air foam, fire suppression systems. ACAF Systems' Compressed Air Foam is the ideal solution for combating special hazard fires in the most exacting applications, including mining, oil & gas, aviation, marine, military and manufacturing.

Our offerings include:

Automatic CAF Fixed Pipe Spray System
Sized based on the hazard at hand to provide remote-activated automatic delivery of Compressed Air Foam. Ideal in applications involving flammable liquids such as, emergency generators in hospitals and high-rise buildings, chemical storage facilities, and fuel transfer stations.

Automatic CAF Fire Hose Reel System
Provides rapid fire extinguishment and superior reflash protection by automatically starting upon signal from any remote hose station, and supplying Compressed Air Foam as a fire-fighting agent. Ideal in applications such as, marinas, aircraft hangers, fuel loading stations, mines, onboard ships, and parking garages.

Automatic CAF Oscillating Monitor System
Automatic pre-engineered, self-contained, stored energy-type fire suppression system. Hydraulically driven, the system oscillates for up to ten (10) minutes to distribute Compressed Air Foam over large surface areas. Ideal in applications such as shipyards, servicing buildings, and aircraft hangers.

SC Series, Fixed Water Supply, and DN7 Nozzle Systems are approved by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Mine Safety, BOTE 58-11; New York City Fire Department # 5591; the Kuwait Fire Services Directorate; and are FM Approved.

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Automatic CAF Fire Hose Reel System


Automatic CAF SC Series