PFS Venturi flow meters can help drive increased motor vehicle efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Automotive and truck engines are required to incorporate an emissions-control system called EGR in order to reduce their output of NOx.  The ongoing development of these devices aims to reduce or eliminate their impact on engine performance – particularly in turbo-charged diesel engines. Venturis have been found to be key in enabling EGR systems to reduce pollutant output without impacting engine efficiency, and as the most experienced Venturi producer, PFS can provide the best technology for this critical, harsh environment metering application.

Venturis are also integral to the air meters of fuel injection systems, as well as in replacement carburetors.

PFS Orifice plate meters are also used throughout the fuel systems of engines of all types, from rail, to marine, to airplane engine applications.


EGR Meters
EGR Meters