Primary Flow Signal’s growing family of wholly-owned regional distribution and sales facilities has aggressively penetrated the oil and gas exploration and production market with its line of turbine flow meters, orifice plates, PFS WedgetypeTM flow meters, and HVT Venturis as well as classical Venturis, electronics, and monitors.

We support both the rapidly growing domestic market and global market.

  • As the industry expands and changes, our diverse products will be ideally suited for gases, all manner of liquids including water (such as fracking), and tar sands
  • We select the technologies that we manufacture based upon accuracy, reliability, and durability of the products, and fully substantiate performance claims with certified calibration results
  • Our experts are skilled with standard and exotic materials, and use computerized metrology for quality assurance and consistency

Specific primary flow elements of use for oil and gas industry include:

  • WedgetypeTM meters: designed for highly viscous, contaminated or abrasive fluids including tar-sands
  • HVT Venturi primaries: from 1.0 inch to 180 inch, suited for gas, liquid or steam, and available in a wide variety of end arrangements, materials and secondary instrumentation packages
  • Orifice plates: suited for the gas industry and available in a variety of materials and dimensions
  • A selection of secondary instrumentation available through partnerships with leading electronics manufacturers, providing one-stop shopping for metering needs

All flow primaries and mechanical accessories are manufactured in the United States and Canada under tight engineering and quality assurance standards in ISO 9001:2015-certified, vertically integrated manufacturing plants.


96.0 Inch HVT Meter - Hydro Ready
96.0 Inch HVT Meter - Hydro Ready
6.0 Inch Stainless Steel Digester Gas Meter
6.0 Inch Stainless Steel Digester Gas Meter