Our accurate, versatile, and rugged flow meters and nozzles are ideal for power generation, including:

Classical Venturi PFS-CV for applications requiring line sizes from 1.0” through 180”

  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Low permanent pressure loss
  • Custom designed for specific applications

Halmi Venturi HVT-FV for applications requiring line size from 1.0” through 180”

  • Highest accuracy and reliability
  • Long service life (up to 15 year warranty)
  • Low permanent pressure loss
  • Low installed cost
  • Custom designed for specific application

power gen 1 - 24 inch - hvt-fv

ASME flow nozzles PFS-FN FV for applications requiring line sizes from 2” through 25”

  • Fit for high velocities and extreme environments
  • Other materials are available for extreme temperatures and corrosive service

ASME flow nozzle PTC-6
Test sections consist of a low-Beta series ASME throat-tap flow nozzle that is installed in a section of pipe approximately 30 diameters long. The upstream section of pipe, which is approximately 20 diameters long, is carefully honed on the inside to insure cylindricality/finish for a minimum of four pipe diameters upstream of the nozzle. The downstream section of pipe is approximately 10 pipe diameters long. A flow conditioner is built into the upstream pipe section at a distance of approximately 16 pipe diameters upstream of the flow nozzle.


PTC-6 Flow Diagram
PTC-6 Flow Diagram
6.0 Inch PFS-CV Meter
6.0 Inch PFS-CV Meter