Written by Cindy DeJesus on May 10, 2018 in Press Releases

Variety of Materials and Designs to Meet Exact Requirements

Cranston, RI, USA, May 12, 2015 – Primary Flow Signal, the leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, durable, and accurate flow-metering solutions, has provided Venturi Meters of various materials and designs for use in sea and river water desalination and reverse osmosis processes.

For the past 33 years, PFS has delivered Venturi meter solutions to facilities around the world to aid in the desalination and reverse osmosis process. By carefully analyzing process conditions such as temperature and pressure ranges, PFS is able to provide recommendations on the best design material to be used for each set of unique conditions. The PFS modified short form Venturi meter (model HVT) has a 25 year warranty and lasts 100 years or more with appropriate material selection. They are ideally suited for applications that require +/-0.25% accuracy, have short to no upstream straight pipe and that can be easily field verified.

“It’s critical to examine the environment where the meter will be used before determining the best design material.” said Bruce Briggs, President of Primary Flow Signal. “For example, fiberglass is a very effective, long life expectancy material as long as it is not subject to excessive sunlight exposure, while Monel provides maximum long-term performance under a wide variety of application conditions, including full sunlight exposure and sodium concentration. More in-depth analysis is required for special applications, such as the measurement of brine or sea water applications, which PFS has extensive experience with. Other types of flow meters, such as magnetic and ultrasonic, have a far shorter useful life expectancy (15-20 years), whereas the Venturi meter is a long-term solution, with considerable total project cost benefits.”

PFS’s metering solutions are designed and manufactured in the United States by the industry’s largest team of specialized hydraulic engineers, backed by extensive laboratory and field testing, ISO 9001-2008 certification, ASME S, U and R certifications and efficient vertically-integrated facilities. PFS’s products deliver a level of differential metering accuracy, reliability, and versatility, coupled with unparalleled engineering support, simply not available from other metering solutions.