The patented HVT-Halmi Venturi Flow Element designed, developed, and perfected by Dezsoe Halmi, founder of Primary Flow Signal (PFS), is offered exclusively by the company for the highest accuracy and reliability for flow measurement of pressurized line fluids, including liquids, gases, and steam, as well as high-viscosity line fluids, solids-bearing line fluids, and harsh or contaminated line fluids.

This HVT Venturi is available in a variety of ruggedized configurations, including a cast iron pressure vessel, fabricated (welded) metal pressure vessel, plastic insert style, welded insert, and welded-in pressure vessel. Additionally, the HVT Venturi is offered cast in place (usually concrete and typically rectangular) depending upon application requirements.

PFS applications specialists can help you select from our wide range of stock product configurations, or our engineers can custom tailor a solution for your specific application requirements.


144.0 inch hvt-fv

144.0 Inch HVT-FV Venturi Meter

84.0 inch hvt-fv

144.0 Inch HVT-FV Venturi Meter