Primary Flow Signal is a global leader in municipal water and wastewater flow measurement.

PFS is the leading source in the United States for Venturi-type primary flow elements, with tens of thousands of successful installations nationwide and a substantial and growing volume throughout the world. Our patented Halmi Venturi-type primary flow technology continues to evolve and to lead the water industry, with advanced materials, special inserts, and innovative metering systems.

  • Patented PFS-Sealed Metering SystemTM (SM): enables accurate and reliable flow measurement of solids-bearing liquids for sewage as well as other contaminated line fluids. Our engineering is backed by extensive lab and field testing, and is the benchmark in this area, surpassing our competitors in performance and reliability.
  • Standard insert-type HVT primary flow elements are ideal for water applications and are intrinsically less expensive than cast or fabricated vessels. Available materials include: stainless steel, carbon and fiberglass reinforced plastic.
  • HVT-FV fabricated primary flow element: available in special materials, line sizes and beta ratios, from 3/4 inch to 180 inch.
  • HVT-PI Halmi Venturi meter plastic insert: specifically designed for water reuse applications.
  • We also design and manufacture cast-in-place rectangular HVT primary flow elements for municipalities.
  • Additionally, we offer a number of patented open-channel flow devices for the water and wastewater fields.


municipal 1 - 12 inch - hvt-fv

12.0 Inch HVT-FV Meter

municipal 2 - 48 inch - hvt-fv

48.0 Inch HVT-FV Meter