In-House Fluid Engineering (Support)

Primary Flow Signal’s in-house fluid engineering support staff offers an extensive knowledge base providing ASME guidance throughout your design, prototyping, testing, production and calibration phases.

With engineering personnel still part of the team from the day the department was inaugurated over 35 years ago, the service provided draws from both a long history of experience and the technological savvy our newer generation of engineers bring.

Various software programs, fully licensed and continually updated, are used in all aspects of analysis and design. FE Sizer, Flow Consultant, CEI Design Calcs and Solidworks 3D modeling software enable our team to provide accurate, efficient and precise solutions for any application.

PFS offers ASME S & U, PED and ISO 9001 certifications. PFS is a contributor to various international standards committees, fully supporting our staff’s memberships to these commissions.

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ASEM Fluid Engineering Support