Wastewater Flow Meters for Municipal Water Treatment

Water and wastewater treatment facilities play an important role in the continuous production of a safe supply of high-quality drinking water. The operational processes can be complex and involve a wide range of water flow meter and measurement requirements.

Municipal applications demand the highest water flow meter accuracy and reliability, as well as long-term stability and a low cost-of-ownership/operation. Primary Flow Signal water measurement solutions meet the challenge by offering complete start-to-finish customization and exceptional customer service.

Our city water and sewer flow meters are designed to stand the test of time,
industry standards and calibration requirements.

Wastewater Flow Meter Types:

  • Venturi Flow Meters: low pressure flow measurement. These can be cast iron, fabricated to meet your needs, plastic inserts or a classical venturi.
  • Wedge Flow Meters: dirty viscous fluids and slurries flow measurement. These meters are used for raw sewer flows, RAS and WAS applications as well as on other liquids that are hard to measure.
  • Specialty Meters designed to meet your application. Running into the same issues each year with your current technology? PFS can provide custom meters to meet the unique needs of your metering needs.

Connect with a specialist today to determine the correct solution for your application. Primary Flow Signal services customers across the United States.

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Flow Meter Case Study

Project Highlight

Primary Flow Signal reconfigured existing 72” venturi meters for a large municipality. Read our case study to learn about this project. 

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