Meter Rehabilitation

Although Primary Flow Signal recommends replacing aging Venturi flow primaries with new high-performing HVT flow meters, organizational budgets may not support unit replacement. To meet such needs, Primary Flow Signal developed the Meter Rehabilitation Program to rehabilitate and recalibrate existing flow meters, restoring meters to original operating specifications.

One of the many advantages of Venturi flow primaries is their durability and simple design that lends itself to rehabilitation. When carried out by experts, rehabilitation can return a flow primary to its original functioning parameters and accuracy at a fraction of the cost of replacement, often within only a few days.

flow meter rehabilitation

Venturi meters can be rehabilitated in the field or in a factory, depending upon the situation and size of the meter. Flanged insert-style meters and meters made of uncommon materials can be restored in most cases. As with any quality meter installation, Venturi suppliers conducting rehabilitation services develop technical specifications to protect their customers and guarantee both quality and scope of service.


The Meter Rehabilitation Program remedies typical problems such as:

  • Plugging of impulse taps
  • Plating, corrosion, or scaling of interior surfaces
  • Contaminated flow primaries

We offer a customized Venturi rehabilitation plan specific to your needs. Our services include:

  • On-site analysis and rehabilitation recommendations
  • Factory rehabilitation at a Primary Flow Signal, Inc. facility
  • Independent lab calibration from leading academic and commercial facilities
  • NIST-traceable calibration at the Primary Flow Signal in-house calibration facility
  • Recalibration of products and primaries built by other manufacturers

Benefits of rehabilitation include:

  • Lower cost versus the purchase of a new meter
  • Conserves original piping, structures, and meter
  • Improved accuracy, range, and performance
  • More durable and reliable compared to alternative technologies



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