Company Overview

Primary Flow Signal has been producing flow meters for over 30 years, since its founding by Hungarian immigrant, Dezsoe (Dezi) Halmi, and has emerged as the preeminent industry player in North America, with a reputation for reliability, accuracy, and customized manufacturing.

Dezsoe (Dezi) Halmi, Founder & Flow Meters InnovatorThe brainchild of Dezsoe (Dezi) Halmi, PFS carries on his legacy of innovation and dedication to quality. As the inventor of several important technologies, including the Universal Venturi Tube and the Halmi Venturi Tube, Halmi set the company on a trajectory to success, and provided it with patented technology that is still vital to the metering industry today. This technology has become widespread over the last thirty years, with over one million Halmi Venturi meters in use, garnering PFS widely renown for reliability and accuracy. Through evolving product lines and research and development, the company continues to lead the flow meters market, and its products outperform competing technologies.

PFS is headquartered in Cranston, RI, with major manufacturing and research facilities there as well as in other locations in the USA and Canada, and is proud to provide quality “Made in the USA” products for the world market.