Power Generation Flow Meters

The power generation industry depends heavily on the accurate flow measurement of feed waters, hydrocarbon fuels and steam to generate electricity.

Fluids can be liquids, gases or a mixture of both. A plant requires continuous and precise monitoring of these flows in order to operate efficiently and reliably.

Differential pressure flow measurement devices have been used with great success in the power generation industry and will continue to be a valuable component in productive and profitable plant operations.

When minimizing downtime is of utmost importance, PFS can provide metering solutions that are reliable and that can perform for years to come with minimal maintenance. 

Power Generation Flow Meter Types

  • PTC Flow Nozzle Meters: High-performance differential-producing flow measurement devices used as the primary element for steam turbine acceptance tests. The meters are specifically manufactured in accord with the requirements of the ASME Performance Test Code 6 (PTC6) for steam turbines.
  • Venturi Flow Meters: Provide high accuracy and reliability for low pressure loss flow measurement.
  • Orifice Flow Elements: Differential elements commonly used for measuring clean liquids, gases, and steam flow.
Differential Pressure Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement Services for Power Generation

Primary Flow Signal provides a range of flow measurement services for the power generation industry. Our services include:

  • Meter rehabilitation
  • Laboratory calibration
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Engineering support
  • Technical support
Flow Measurement for Power Generation
Flow Measurement for Power Generation

Are you looking for the best flow measurement solution for your power generation facility? Contact Primary Flow Signal today to connect with a specialist who can help you determine which flow meter is right for you.