Markets & Applications

With 30 years of experience and over one million units successfully in use today, Primary Flow Signal provides the world’s most reliable dP flow meters for a variety of demanding industries and applications.

Municipal Water & Wastewater

PFS is a global leader in municipal water and wastewater flow measurement and is the leading source for Venturi-type primary flow elements, with tens of thousands of successful installations throughout the world. Our patented Halmi Venturi-type primary flow technology continues to lead the municipal water solutions.

Oil & Gas

PFS's growing family of wholly-owned regional distribution and sales facilities has aggressively penetrated the oil and gas exploration and production market with its line of turbine flow meters, orifice plates, PFS WedgetypeTM flow meters, and HVT Venturis as well as classical Venturis, electronics, and monitors.

Power Generation

Our accurate, versatile, and rugged flow meters and nozzles are ideal for the power generation industry and our decades of expertise enable us to deliver world-class engineering support and service. Customers around the world turn to PFS to solve their metering challenges when other metering technologies fall short in terms of accuracy and longevity.


PFS provides field-proven industrial flow meters designed to fit any requirement. We offer an adaptable and innovative product line supported by the industry’s largest team of specialized flow meter engineers. Our products are available in a variety of sizes and materials and can handle gases, chemicals, tar sands, and harsh, high-temperature environments.


PFS Venturi flow meters can help drive increased motor vehicle efficiency and environmental responsibility. Venturis can be key in enabling EGR systems to reduce pollutant output without impacting engine efficiency. As the most experienced Venturi producer, PFS can provide the best technology for this critical, harsh environment metering application.