Specialty Flow Meters

Specialty Meters offered by Primary Flow Signal designed for open-conduit flow for water, sewage, sludge or any other non-pressurized material.

Our specialized flow meters are designed to deliver accurate and reliable measurements across a variety of challenging applications. From low flow environments to high-pressure systems, our meters are engineered to cater to your unique requirements. Dive into our collection and discover custom solutions that ensure unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Fabricated Venturi Low Flow Meter

FV-LF Fabricated Venturi – Low Flow

+/- 0.50% Uncalibrated Uncertainty
Low Reynolds, Lower Loss

  • Line size: 3/8 to 12 inches
  • Head loss % of Differential: 20.0 to 40.0 percent
  • Recommended pipe Reynolds number: Greater than 6,000 for basic accuracy

The Fabricated Venturi Low Flow Meter is a specially designed meter combining performance elements of both orifice and venturi type devices and provides an accurate solution for wide range flow applications.

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Fabricated Elbow Meter

FE Fabricated Elbow Meter

+/- 2.00% Uncalibrated Uncertainty
Low Cost, Small Space Required

  • Line size: No limitations on line size
  • Recommended pipe Reynolds number: Greater than 50,000 for basic accuracy

In circumstances where traditional high accuracy flow meter solutions are impractical or impossible, the Elbow Meter as detailed in publications such as ASME Fluid Meters and R.W. Miller Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook, may be a favorable option.

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Halmi Nozzle

HN Halmi Nozzle

+/- 2.00% Uncalibrated Uncertainty
Low Cost, Open Channel Application

  • Line size: 6 to 48 inches
  • Head loss: Low
  • Service life: 25 years plus depending on materials

The Halmi Nozzle is an open channel device and was developed for free discharge into tanks or lagoons and pipe to pipe applications in a manhole, for instance. The Halmi Nozzle solution is ideal for open channel custody transfer or billing applications and utilizes a wide range of secondary instrumentation to provide an ideal solution to an open channel requirement.

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To further enhance our application solution process, we offer a wide range of options including CFD, model testing and field calibrations. Once our meters are installed, we also offer a full range of field service solutions including training and inspection. Whether you’re dealing with industrial, pharmaceutical, mining, oil & gas or municipal environmental flows, trust our specialty meters to provide the precision you need.

Contact us today for a customized flow meter solution tailored to your specific requirements.