Fabricated Elbow Meter

FE Fabricated Elbow Meter

+/- 2.00% Uncalibrated Uncertainty
Low Cost, Small Space Required

  • Line size: No limitations on line size
  • Recommended pipe Reynolds number: Greater than 50,000 for basic accuracy

In circumstances where traditional high accuracy flow meter solutions are impractical or impossible, the Elbow Meter as detailed in publications such as ASME Fluid Meters and R.W. Miller Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook, may be a favorable option.


A properly manufactured Elbow Meter will serve as an effective flow measurement device with high repeatability, and accuracy. Elbow Meters are suited particularly well for locations that require a pipe elbow, with little to no straight piping available for higher precision flow elements. With calibration, elbow meter accuracy can be significantly improved.


Line Size
Head loss % of Differential
Basic Accuracy (% of Total)
+/- 0.25 (Calibrated) +/- 4.00 (Uncalibrated)
Minimum pipe Reynolds number
Must be greater than 50,000
Required Straight Piping
Per RW Miller, ISO5167-2 Table 3, 0.75 Beta Orifice
Beta Range
Not Applicable
Useful Service Life
Very Long
Service Functional Limits
Clean liquids & gases
Industrial, Commercial, Oil and gas, Flare gas
Common Materials
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome Moly
Other Available Materials not limited to
Aluminum, Zirconium, Hastelloy, Monel, Duplex SS, Titanium, Tantalum, 321SS

Support and Service

In addition to a wide range of differential producing Venturi flow meters, orifice plates, WedgeTypeâ„¢ flow meters, and open channel flow elements, PFS provides comprehensive, specialized services for new and existing flow meters, including rehabilitation, hydraulic analysis, and full engineering support.


ISO 9001, ASME S&U, PED Certified, CRN.

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