The PFS Elbow Flow Meter for Low Cost, Wide-Range Flow Metering Applications

The PFS Elbow flow meter is an example of innovation that integrates prior art with modern, state-of-the-art Primary Flow Signal, Inc. technology that yields exceptional performance. Elbow type flow meters have been in use since the 1940’s based on traditional designs which provided nominal accuracy in the +/- 4.0% range, repeatability in the range of +/-0.75%, low cost and long service life.

Typically, this meter type has been utilized in applications where cost and available space have been controlling determinants of equipment selection. Primary Flow Signal, Inc. has extensively researched this meter technology, and based on investigation and conclusive laboratory testing, a significantly more accurate and repeatable device has been developed that still retains the singular cost and piping benefit. Coupled with the further advantages of modern secondary instrumentation, the PFS Elbow Meter offers an unparalleled performance envelope at prices well below competing technologies such as magnetic or ultrasonic meters, or Venturi type meters .

The PFS Elbow Meter is ideally suited to liquid and gas service applications and is highly recommended when the accuracy requirement is not as demanding as that provided by Venturi type meters, and low cost is mandatory. Flare gas flow measurement is an excellent example of such an ideal application.