Oil & Gas

Applications in the Oil & Gas industry require the highest quality flow measurement devices to ensure accuracy, longevity and safety. Project requirements can vary significantly and you can be assured of excellent service and products with the experience and expertise PFS has in this market.

The products manufactured by Primary Flow Signal are of the highest quality available in the Oil & Gas industry and the world. Our customer service, ranging from on site visits, training and complete engineering support is unparalleled in the industry and is still, currently utilized by customers and end users of our products on projects we supplied decades ago.

Oil & Gas Flow Meters

This finished venturi flowmeter represents a high level of engineering design and performance. Every component and #manufacturing technique is specialized from the customized low hardness / high strength base carbonsteel to the fine finished inconel clad that covers all wetted surfaces and serves as a critical barrier to protect the base carbon steel from the destructive effects of sour gas.

Venturi Flow Meter for Oil & Gas . Oil & Gas Flow Meter Parts