Cryogenic Flow Meters

Cryogenic flow meters are used to measure the flow of gases at extremely low-temperatures (at or below −150 °C; 123 K; −238 °F). This includes liquified natural gas (LNG), liquid nitrogen (LN2), and liquid oxygen. Accurate flow measurement of these gases can optimize processes, reduce waste, and enhance overall efficiency. It can also ensure the proper functioning of equipment, maintain product quality, and prevent safety hazards. The growth in the use of liquefied gases has grown significantly over the past decade, requiring innovative solutions for monitoring and metering low-temperature materials. Because there are no moving parts with a venturi meter, extremely long life expectancy is another advantage of using a differential type primary element where high accuracy and long term reliability are required.

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Cryogenic Flow Meter Applications

Accurate flow measurement is crucial in industries that rely on precise handling and transportation of low-temperature gases. It is an essential process used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, medical, electronics, and energy sectors. Examples of applications include:

  • LNG Production: monitor flow of LNG during production, storage, and transportation.
  • Industrial Gas Distribution: monitor and measure gases being transported and delivered.
  • Food Processing: monitor the flow of cryogenic fluids used in freezing and cooling processes.
  • Aerospace: monitor the flow of cryogenic fluids to ensure efficient fuel consumption in rocket engines.
  • Micro-chip manufacturing relies on a variety of cryogenic gasses that need to be accurately measured which is an ideal application for either an insert venturi meter or a full body design.

Cryogenic Flow Meter Types

Not all flow meters can be used in the cryogenic industry, due to the low temperatures in which they must function. Differential pressure flow meters are commonly used for cryogenic flow measurement. DP flow meters consist of flow sensors and differential pressure transmitters. They calculate fluid flow by reading the change in fluid pressure as it flows through a pipe with a constricted section. Two types of DP flow meters are:

  • Venturi Flow Meters
    • Built for flow measurement of pressurized line fluids, including liquids, gases, and steam.
  • Orifice Flow Elements
    • Differential elements commonly used for measuring clean liquids, gases, and steam flow.

With 30 years of experience and over one million units successfully in use today, we provide the world’s most reliable differential pressure flow meters for demanding industries and applications.

The PFS Solution

We understand that each cryogenic application is unique. With years of experience, our team understands the different challenges and requirements you face. We offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our flow meters are specifically designed to provide accurate and reliable flow data in challenging conditions, including cryogenic environments. Our products are of the highest quality available in the cryogenic industry and the world. Our customer service, ranging from onsite visits, training, and complete engineering support, is unparalleled in the industry.

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