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Flow Measurement: Long Term Solutions

Primary Flow Signal, Inc. offers innovative, cost effective and long term solutions for all types of water plant applications including filter effluent rate control, backwash rate control, air wash, and intake/discharge metering.

PFS developed innovative models which do not require any upstream or downstream straight pipe and can fit into existing short laying length applications so no piping changes are required.



14” HVT-Flow Controller for Filter Effluent application with butterfly valve direct coupled to the inlet. Direct coupled 8” plug valve to the venturi throat with electric actuator.


Reducing Installation Time

We provide an “engineered” solution that greatly reduces installation time and complexity using, for instance, multiple piece designs (shown below) that can easily fit inside a vault and, when assembled, provide an ideal solution without the need to modify the vault.

The full meter is provided in sections so there is no need to modify the vault opening or vault geometry making a great option to for cost effectiveness and time management without sacrificing performance aspects of the meter.

36″ HVT Fabricated Multi-piece Venturi flowmeter, manufactured in multiple sections in order to fit through the small vault hatch opening. 


PFS Supports All Makes and Models of Existing Meters

PFS has provided venturi meter solutions from 0.25” to 180.0” for every type of water plant flow metering application. Because we specialize in differential flow metering, we support all makes and models of existing meters with our in-house engineering support as well as field service for inspection, DP transmitter field calibration services and training on the application and use of any venturi meter.

If you’d like more information on our products or to request a quote, please contact us.