Primary Flow Signal, Inc. (PFS) employs the industry’s largest full-time staff of engineers and technical experts in differential producer type flow metering to provide hydraulic analysis for a variety of systems, including those handling oil & gas, water, wastewater, and steam. 

As a vertically integrated, full service metering supplier, our team's expert analysis informs the planning, design, manufacture, and rehabilitation of flow systems that we deliver to our customers. An unwavering commitment to quality and unparalleled proprietary expertise translates directly into the leading accuracy and reliability of our systems.


  • PFS will analyze your system and provide all the right parts necessary for each installation.
  • Our controller is designed to meet your requirements. Others will attempt to force you to meet their controller's performance.
  • The complete Rate-of-Flow Controller is assembled and tested prior to shipment to the job site. This reduces the risks inherent in relying on separate parties for the success of the installation.
  • Full five (5) year warranty on the complete controller with an additional 20 years on the HVT primary.


hydraulic photo 1 - hvt-sm

HVT-SM Venturi Meter

hydraulic photo 2 - hvt-sms

HVT-SMS Venturi Meter