Although Primary Flow Signal recommends replacing aging Venturi flow primaries with new high-performing Halmi Venturi flow meters, organizational budgets may not support unit replacement.

To meet such needs, Primary Flow Signal developed a Venturi Meter Rehabilitation Program to rehabilitate and recalibrate existing flow meters, restoring meters to original operating specifications.

Primary Flow Signal’s Venturi Meter Rehabilitation Program remedies typical problems such as:

  • Plugging of impulse taps or annular chambers
  • Plating, corrosion, or scaling of interior surfaces
  • Mercury-filled instrumentation or contaminated flow primaries

PFS will customize a Venturi rehabilitation plan specific to your needs. Our services include:

  • On-site analysis and rehabilitation
  • Factory rehabilitation at a Primary Flow Signal, Inc. facility
  • Independent lab calibration from leading academic and commercial facilities
  • NIST-traceable calibration at the Primary Flow Signal in-house calibration facility
  • Recalibration of products and primaries built by other manufacturers

Benefits of rehabilitation include:

  • Lower cost versus the purchase of a new meter
  • Conserves original piping, structures, and meter
  • Improved accuracy, range, and design
  • More durable and reliable compared to alternative technologies


Dofasco Meter - Rehabilitation
Dofasco Meter - Rehabilitation
Dofasco Meter - Rehabilitation
Dofasco Meter - Rehabilitation