Butterfly Valves

#6 BV Butterfly Valves

Control Flow
On, Off, Regulate


Primary Flow Signal supplies AWWA Butterfly Valves which meet the requirements of AWWA C504 and C516 standards. In conjunction with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators, these can be used for shutoff on clean water and gases and flow control for filter effluent or back wash applications.


Function Purpose
Most often PFS supplies butterfly valves that are direct coupled to the outlet of the venturi, turning the venturi into a Rate of Flow Controller (ROFC). They are usually used on filter effluent and back wash applications where the venturi indicates the flow rate to a separate electronic controller which then tells the actuator to open or close the butterfly valve to control the flow.
Service Functional Limits
The venturi and butterfly valve need to be sized together to ensure the butterfly valve is not in the extreme open or closed positions where hunting/poor control can occur.
Filter effluent and back wash applications or anywhere flow control is required.
Common Materials
The butterfly valve body is typically cast iron with a ductile iron disk, rubber seats and stainless steel shafts.
Other Available Materials
Other materials such as stainless steel bodies and disks are available.

Support and Service

In addition to a wide range of differential producing Venturi flow meters, orifice plates, WedgeType™ flow meters, and open channel flow elements, PFS provides comprehensive, specialized services for new and existing flow meters, including rehabilitation, hydraulic analysis, and full engineering support.


ISO 9001, ASME S&U, PED Certified, CRN.

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