Condensate Seal Pot

#7 CC Condensate Chambers

Separate Fluid and Instrument
Steam & Corrosive Fluids

  • Line size: 2 to 4 inches


Condensate chambers, also referred to as seal pots, are pressure vessels that shield a pressure sensing transmitter from the potentially damaging effects of steam or corrosive line fluid. With steam, the bottom mounted transmitter line is filled with condensate, from the transmitter sensor to a specific level in the pot. The surface area of the condensate pool in the pot will sense and transmit pressure variations from the flowing fluid to the transmitter sensor.


Line Size
2 to 4 inches (3” carbon steel is our standard, custom sizes available)
Carbon Steel Pressure Ratings
4000 psig @ 650° F, 3500 psig @ 700° F, 3000 psig @ 750° F
Steam, Water, Hydrocarbon, Liquids, Gas Process, Oil production and refining, chemical, petrochemical industry

Support and Service

In addition to a wide range of differential producing Venturi flow meters, orifice plates, WedgeType™ flow meters, and open channel flow elements, PFS provides comprehensive, specialized services for new and existing flow meters, including rehabilitation, hydraulic analysis, and full engineering support.


ISO 9001, ASME S&U, PED Certified, CRN.

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